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[Cafe of the Month!] RollingPin Arboretum: A Slice of Greece in Daegu!

Have you ever heard of the phrase "Experience, enjoy, savor"? Well, it's a phrase that I have heard often, and on my recent visit to "RollingPin Arboretum" in Daegu, South Korea, it's a phrase that definitely came into my mind! I want to introduce you to our Dojeon "Cafe of the Month" for February!

Street view of RollingPin Arboretum Daegu - Photo by Lewis Hooper.

Now I don't know about you, but for me, a good coffee shop means quality coffee, comfy seats, and a quiet place to work, study, or catch up with friends. Nestled away in South West Daegu, RollingPin Arboretum has achieved all of these key points in my opinion, by offering panoramic views of Daegu's plentiful mountains, great views over the city, and of course affordable tasty coffee!

When I arrived at RollingPin, the café did not give much away from the street view, though I was in love with the "Greek" colors of blue and white, and the slated flooring, as it reminded me of when I took a trip to Greece. Of course, the display of their hot food menu, made me want to try all of the food, so I decided to go in.

Walking down the alley it felt very unsuspecting, but when I turned through the brightly blue painted gates, I was taken away by what was in front of me... "A piece of Greece right in Daegu!" However It felt unreal to find such as place. Though, I think Korea really showcases these unique designs well, allowing you to experience a piece of another country without having to travel there!

Frozen waterfall at RollingPin Arboretum - Photo by Lewis Hooper

The outside offers countless photo spots, which allow you to take the perfect Instagram selfie or TikTok videos. From the frozen waterfall, and Greek inspired structures (From the island of Santorini). But, what really stood out to me, were the outdoor fire places! These were a perfect place to warm up on a crisp cold day, and they brought back that holiday feeling!

Outdoor heating and seating area at Rollingpin Arboretum. Photo by Lewis Hooper

The café offers seating inside, or by any of the outdoor fire places, though if you get there early enough you may be lucky to get your own private tent! Yes, that's right tent! These are heated inside and allow guests to have some privacy and enjoy their time.

Hidden away at the back, was a colosseum inspired area, which made me feel as if I was in ancient times, it was really breath-taking!

Colosseum seating area at Rollingpin Arboretum. Photo by Lewis Hooper

Inside the café, I really liked the spiral staircase and the overall attention to detail that had been made with the design. There was also an extensive drinks menu, and a menu offering hot food. In the left corner there were a concession stall of baked goods (grated Parmesan, pitted black olives, freshly baked croissants) an on the right were a pair of bright red apples being soaked in melted caramel (I was tempted to eat everything), but I ordered the "Shuka" which was a spicy vegetable bake (Just like a Greek Moussaka). The size was enough for two people and the flavors tingled all of my senses!

Shuka' spicy vegetable bake (Just like a Greek Moussaka) & Ice Americano. Photo by Lewis Hooper

Rollingpin Arboretum Daegu, is for sure a secret escape from the bustling city, and it should definitely be a destination for you to experience too! I would suggest spending 1-2 hours immersing yourself and relaxing!

Location: 158 Hansilo, 6 Gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu.

Phone: 053-241-3355

Open hours: Monday - Sunday 08:30am - 21:50pm.

Let us know what restaurants or cafes you would like us to try next month! Be on the lookout for this month's restaurant review as well! Leave your comments below!


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