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Check Out These Parks In Seoul This Autumn Season!

The autumn season is one of the best seasons to explore and appreciate the beauty of nature. Daylight starts to grow shorter, there’s a bounty of gold and crimson leaves falling off, and the temperature grows colder preparing us for the winter season. We should seize the moment when we can stay a bit more outdoors! Here are some of the best parks around Seoul!

Hangang Park featured in a K-drama.

1. Banpo Hangang Park

Being one of the most featured parks in many K-drama scenes and variety shows, Banpo Hangang Park is a must-see one. The park is a popular hang-out spot among friends and families. There are many convenient stores around the area in case you planned a last-minute picnic. At night you can have the best view of the city lights and fancy over the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain.

Moonlight Rainbow Fountain view of Banpo Hangang Park.

2. Haneul Park

The mid of September to October is the best time to visit the park to witness the bountiful golden grass of Eulalia. The park is also pervaded by the astonishing pink hues of muhly which looks so lovely and picturesque. If you are planning to have a picnic here just make sure to bring your own food and beverages because there are no stores in the area.

Haneul Park filled with golden Eulalia grass.

3. Yeouido Park

Probably the first thing that will come to your mind when the cherry blossom festival is mentioned, is Yeouido Park. Yeouido Park is charming on its own in any season. The park is situated in Seoul’s main finance and investment banking district but having the park around the area balances the bustling ambiance of the district with a relaxing one. Aside from having a picnic, you can also ride a bike to explore the vicinity.

Which among our recommended parks caught your attention? Let us know what activities you would like to do in your next park stroll in Seoul!


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