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Choi Chi Yeol Professes His Love In Public! And Shares First Kiss!

Star math teacher, Choi Chi Yeol professes his feelings for Nam Haeng Seon in this weekend's episodes of Crash Course in Romance that have our emotions riding high! Let's break down what happened!

Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho are caught by the All Care moms in the latest episode! (tvN)
Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho are caught by the All Care moms in the latest episode! (tvN)

**Spoiler Alert!


The beginning of episode 9 shows the group of All Care moms in front of Nam Haeng Seon's (Jeon Do Yeon) side dishes restaurant with Choi Chi Yeol (Jung Kyung Ho) helping her carry out the garbage from her home. They catch wind that the rumor spread online about Chi Yeol having a relationship with Haeng Seon is true. Chi Yeol decides to take matters in his own hands by meeting them back at the academy to clear things up. Haeng Seon makes the situation worse by following them and dragged out of the meeting by the hand with Chi Yeol.

The All Care moms after hearing that Chi Yeol has been tutoring Hae Yi (Roh Yoon Seo) on his own time and without pay start to resent him.

Meanwhile, at school, things start to amplify for Hae Yi as students bring up the scandal. Hae Yi is having a difficult time telling her close friends that Haeng Seon is actually her aunt due to a past incident that backfired when she told her then-best friend.

Since all this craziness is going on, Chi Yeol decides to end his relationship with Hae Yi and Haeng Seon saying that he will no longer need her lunch boxes. The two go on their different ways for a little while before things start to heat up again!

While casually browsing through the announcements, Haeng Seon finds a mom's course admission Q&A session. She decides to go to it without realizing that it is headed by Chi Yeol! Of course, due to the rising suspicion of Chi Yeol having a relationship with one of the academy moms, the moms in the audience couldn't help but mention this and bring up why this particular mom, Nam Haeng Seon, would act this way. All the while, Haeng Seon is in the audience hearing about this. Feeling embarrassed, she decided to quietly remove herself from the area, but not without Chi Yeol spotting her in the crowd and professing his feelings!

In episode 10, Chi Yeol decides to leave the academy due to the unfair treatment of Hae Yi and Haeng Seon. After drinking heavily with his childhood friend, Chi Yeol is drunk and is taken back to his house by Haeng Seon's autistic brother. It is during this scene that Chi Yeol "imagines kissing Haeng Seon" and thinks it's a dream, but in reality, it really happened! At the end of episode 10, Haeng Seon really did visit Chi Yeol's home and took care of him while he was drunk!

Our thoughts

Oh, the feels! The fact that both characters try their hardest to suppress their emotions for each other is something we can all understand. Chi Yeol still thinks that Haeng Seon is married, therefore, stops himself from making attempts toward her. Every time Haeng Seon thinks that Chi Yeol is taking a step toward her, she realizes that he stops himself. What will eventually happen with these two? Let us know your theories in the comments below! We can't wait to see what happens next week!


fzi lynx
fzi lynx
Feb 22, 2023

I really love their story!


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