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Conan Gray Talks About Possible Collab With BTS' V With SBS Korea!

Artist Conan Gray talks about Taehyung during his recent interview with SBS Korea:

Where the announcer asked him about his reaction since Taehyung mentioned him before as one of the artists who inspire him and is ready to work with him at any time. The artist Conan replied to her, saying:

"He's so talented When I got this tweet a few years ago I thought it was a joke because all these boys (BTS) are so talented...My friends and I watched their show in Los Angeles, it was really special."

In 2020: He gave a shout-out to V, claimingOh my gosh. Look. V. Taehyung. I love you. I love you so much. Let’s make a song. Please hit me up! I’ll write the saddest song for you ever, and we can have such a good time! I would adore that!

“I love all those boys. They’re all just so so so talented and… I just honestly just want to see one of their shows. That’s what I want, please!”

— Conan Gray

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Conan Gray yet, check out his recent hit “Disaster” below!


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