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BTS' Taehyung Helped This Small Restaurant Become Known

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

After BTS Taehyung’s latest Vlog, ARMY has been visiting the restaurant where he had food, to eat at the same place as him. His presence in that restaurant ended up boosting business there.

In this vlog, Taehyung looked like an anime character named Shō

Shõ, known as Shawn in the US dub, is the male lead of The Secret World of Arrietty.

Taehyung outdoor ghibili
Taehyung enjoying the outdoors!

Ghibli character ( Shõ )
Ghibli character ( Shõ )

The restaurant featured in his VLOG is becoming a hot spot for visitors and drew huge crowds.

During one of the scenes, Taehyung stopped at a restaurant to have some food. Taehyung chose a small restaurant to eat at and helped boost its business.

The restaurant's owners were so grateful to him. Taehyung was praised for his respectful, sweet interactions with the staff of the restaurant and how he treated the production crew during the meal.

Taehyung Yuri's place restaurant vlog
Yuri's Beolgyo Clam Bibimbap Restaurant

The restaurant that Taehyung went to, Yuri's Beolgyo Clam Bibimbap, during his vlog decorated its walls with pictures of Taehyung and hung many posters of him on the table where he sat, as a fan visited the place and photographed it.

A fan said, "I finally went to the restaurant that Taehyung went to during his fluke and ate soy sauce." From the delicious place where Taehyung was sitting, he stated, "I recovered well while watching the beautiful view by the river.”

You can watch V's vlog here :

Taehyung was great! He used his fame to help others and improve their lives for the better, all ARMYs know that all BTS members are so helpful and they are really proud of what he did.

What do you think of what Taehyung did? Did you go to this restaurant? Let us know what you think in the comments.



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