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"Crash Course in Romance's" Jeon Do Yeon Is A Contract Killer in New Netflix Film "Kill Boksoon"!

Tiger moms beware! The kind ahjumma (middle-aged woman) who let you step all over her in Crash Course in Romance will no longer tolerate your bickering behind her back! This time she's back with a killer mentality! Jeon Do Yeon stars as Gil Bok Soon, a single mom and legendary killer in Netflix's Kill Boksoon! Let's take a look at this exciting new action role that has everyone talking!

Gil Bok Soon (the title seems like a play on her name) is a middle-aged single mother and a lethal killer with a 100% success rate on contract killings. The company she works for, M.K. Ent is run by Cha Min Kyu (Sol Kyung Gu Kingmaker 2022) who has trained her, but also can take everything away. Just before Bok Soon is set to renew her contract, her company sends mercenaries to take her out!

The film also stars Esom and Koo Gyo Hwan (D.P. 2021) that work for the same company.

Kill Boksoon is scheduled to be released on Netflix on March 31, 2023.

Esom stars as Cha Min Hee in "Kill Boksoon" (Netflix)
Esom stars as Cha Min Hee in "Kill Boksoon" (Netflix)

Our Thoughts

Is this action-packed film reminiscent of the John Wick franchise, has us wondering if Jeon Do Yeon will be able to pull off an action thriller? She was amazing in her role in Crash Course in Romance, but is she able to keep her poise and seriousness in this film?

We feel that if she is able to convincingly pull off this role as a contract killer, she is by far, one of the greatest Korean actresses of all time! Let us know your thoughts and are you excited about this movie?


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