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"Eve" Finale Filled With Thrilling Satisfying Finish

"Eve" finishes with a dramatic thriller (tvN)

*Contains spoilers.

4.5/5 Stars

Finishing strong in a thriller, tvN's Eve ended its 16-episode run on July 20 and July 21 coming in with the highest ratings nationally yet with 3.685% and 4.497% respectively for episodes 15 and 16, good for 2nd, according to Nielsen Korea! The revenge melodrama was appointed number 1 on our list of Top 5 K-dramas For This Summer!

A story of a vengeful daughter, Lee La El (Seo Yea Ji Lawless Lawyer 2018), whose father dies unexpectedly due to corporate corruption and greed. She prepares for 13 years to take her revenge on the chaebol family who tore her family apart. With the help of a young National Assemblyman, she vows to take revenge on the richest family in South Korea.

The ending was not surprising, since we all know La El's need to avenge her family. But how she set up the internal time bomb within the evil of the country's biggest conglomerate LY Group and their political family, was amazing! The way she plotted their evil deeds against each other, making them each feel helpless and vengeful towards each other was just the cherry on the top!

La El's master plan worked to perfection except for one very vital detail, she fell in love with the person she wanted to kill! This definitely threw a wrench into the plot and made us side with her decision and make the melodrama into a masterpiece!

Never once during this drama did we question our emotions as we were taken into the painful past La El had to face while dealing with what is going on in front of her face and dealing with the vengeful emotions each passing moment with a very convincing Han So Ra (Yoo Sun Move To Heaven 2021).

Yoo Sun as Han So Ra in "Eve" (tvN)

The ending brought us to a climactic, yet satisfying finish, as we let out a sigh of relief during a tragic accident caused by the leading man, Kang Yoon Gyeom (Park Byung Eun Alchemy Of Souls 2022). La El's revenge is complete; her lover sacrifices himself, Han So Ra loses her mind after surviving the car crash, and the evil politician Han Pan Ro dies in a cell he built under their home. Oh, the irony!

We definitely recommend bumping this drama to the top of your "To watch" list! The acting was superb and the storyline was believable.

Let us know how you felt about the ending! Was it what you expected?


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