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Flames reignited in "Singles Inferno: Season 3" from a foreigner's perspective!

Grab your popcorn and beverage because it's time for us to prepare for Singles Inferno, Season 3! Coming out December 12, 2023! Which is tonight!

Check out the trailer below:

If you don't know much about Singles Inferno let us introduce you!

Beautiful women, handsome men, love? Hell.

Season 1 still

Singles Inferno is a South Korean reality dating show, that centers around some of South Korea's hottest singles and puts them on a deserted island referred to as "inferno" or in Korean "hell". Singles residing on the island have an opportunity to mingle with each other, compete in games to win specific perks, etc. While on the island the contestants are generally expected to cook for themselves and do their daily tasks, but if they can pair off with someone they have the opportunity to go to "paradise" and get to know that person more!

While on the island the contestants are not allowed to share personal details about themselves e.g. age and occupation. This information can only be found out while in "paradise" on a date! And like most Korean shows, this one also has a panel to discuss the happenings on the show!

What we know about Season 3!

Season 3 poster

As we've told you, it comes out on December 12th! As with the changes in Season 2, there will be changes in Season 3 for the location of "paradise" which may or may not be a resort but a place for couples to dig a bit deeper while exploring their potential relationships.

Something very different about this season is that one of the contestants from season 2, Kim Jin Young is now on the panel of hosts/MCs! As with Seasons 1 & 2, there will be new rules for the activities as well as for choosing partners! We're excited to see what the new season will bring and if it's worth the anticipation! Producers of the show are hoping for a lot of overseas viewership and want foreigners to relate to the emotions shared by those on the show.

The Foreign Experience

I remember watching the first season and how hyped some of my friends were at the time to watch the final episode with the suspense of who would end up with who!

Season 1 still
Season 1 still

Comments from the Western Audience

As we've mentioned, the show is South Korean, and we at Dojeon Media are not all South Korean so our perspectives can be somewhat different and vary in some aspects, in this case, cultural differences. There has been a lot of stir about previous seasons and the upcoming one, especially from a foreign perspective.

We have read mixed comments from viewers, some have said that the show is "boring" and that they (the contestants) wait till the last episode just to "hold hands" and that all the guys only go for the "boring girl who is the prettiest and palest". There have also been comments about the behavior of some of the men, for example in season one, one contestant who wouldn't take "no" for an answer.

Generally, for Koreans, it was seen as persistent but from a Western perspective this was seen as "creepy". In our opinion we do like the difference in pace of the show, a lot of Western dating shows can sometimes come off as "trashy" or a little "rushed" in terms of physical intimacy, but we say each to their own!

Season 1 still
Season 1 still

Korean Beauty Standards

Again, with Korean beauty standards vs. Western, someone we could think is very handsome or beautiful may not be considered beautiful by Korean standards. It also seems there is a very specific personality type that is preferred by Koreans, for the men it's a woman who is pale, beautiful, has a small face, and is quite demure, and for the women it's someone "manly", handsome and has a good job. It is an interesting show to watch, even just to observe the differences in culture. Our personal favorite was season 1, but we have high hopes for this season too!

Season 1 still
Season 1 still

Let us know what you think about Singles Inferno! We would love to know your thoughts! Should we write another article on the contrasting Korean perspective? Let us know in the comments below!


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