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"Flower Of Evil" Has An Indian Remake

While improving some aspects of the original K-drama while keeping its core, watching foreign remakes in a different language gives a different perspective. In recent years there have been so many remakes and adaptations of many sensational K-dramas! Let's take a look at one recent example!

Flower Of Evil Poster. Original(left). Indian Remake(right).

The Korean thriller romance series, The Flower of Evil is set to make waves in the land of diversities, India. Despite the growing presence of K-contents globally, it has not made a huge presence in India due to the strong presence of Bollywood and western pop culture.

A scene from episode 2 of Flower Of Evil.

Zee5, one of India's biggest platforms that made the remake, is hopeful that the vibrant Asian culture and cultural similarities of the two countries are enough to captivate a significant number of fans in India. On August 17, Studio Dragon, the original drama's production company officially announced that the highly-anticipated Indian remake of the said Korean thriller romance series is set to premiere on August 19.

Aside from its Indian remake, a Philippine remake is in the works and we cannot wait for it to grace our screens as well.

Have you watched the original or are you planning to watch it before the remake? Let us know what are your thoughts on this remake and its original version!


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