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Friendships are tested as a new suitor duels for Sam Dal's heart! ["Welcome to Samdal-ri" ep. 6]

Since episode 1 from our K-drama news center reported the most popular K-drama out now Welcome to Samdal-ri has finally revealed a new suitor for Cho Sam Dal's heart! We reveal who the new suitor is and what we think will happen! Let the suitor battle begin!


Since the first episode, we have come to recognize that Cho Sam Dal (Shin Hae Sun) has grown up with four other men called the "Five Eagle Brothers", who are now close childhood friends. Being the only woman in the crew, there is bound to be some emotional friction as this close-knit group reveals another suitor for Sam Dal's heart!

Suitor 1: the handsome and rich Bu Sang Do

Running the most popular seafood restaurant in Jeju Island, Bu Sang Do (Kang Young Seok The Kidnapping Day 2023), never went to college. Instead, he hustled and worked to learn the restaurant business until finally, he struck gold with his current restaurant.

We are first introduced to his true intentions at the beginning of episode 6 when he happens to drive by the dock where Sam Dal is deep in thought. He recognizes that it will rain soon and quickly grabs an umbrella (one instead of two lol) to give to her. He even uses his arm to pull her into him to make sure she stays dry! Oh, the feels!

It seems that the odds are stacked against Sang Do as throughout the episode, no matter what the situation, his role is still the second lead man. (The K-drama gods have struck again!) So we're pretty sure that no matter what he does to try to get close to Sam Dal, it'll probably be for not.

Suitor 2: the perfect weatherman and ex-boyfriend Cho Young Pil

Through the series so far, we've learned that Sam Dal and Young Pil (Ji Chang Wook The Worst of Evil 2023) dated before and their breakup was painful for both although we don't know the exact details of why and how they broke up. We do know that they were both born on the same day only 5 minutes apart (K-drama magic)!

Since her return to Jeju Island, Young Pil has shown nothing but concern for her wellbeing although Sam Dal feels constantly annoyed by his presence. But he is always in the perfect situation to be there for her when she is emotionally distraught. Especially, when they go back to Seoul to figure out if Bang Eun Ju (Jo Yun Seo) tried to kill herself because Sam Dal abused her power.

We think that the introduction of Bu Sang Do revealing his feelings for Sam Dal is a catalyst for Young Pil to "man up" and rekindle his feelings for Sam Dal. There's nothing like some friendly competition, right? Let us know your thoughts about this love triangle and who you're rooting for! Comment below!


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