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fromis_9 announces plans for August comeback! Details on a special exhibition + photobook!

With summer just around the corner, formis_9 is set to release their new summer comeback! A special photo exhibition along with a photobook will be included with their new album launch! Read on to find out more info!

Photo: fromis_9 - Google Images.
Photo: fromis_9 - Google Images.

fromis_9's new "From Summer" poster just screams everything about "summer", "good times", and just "stress-free"! This is just in time to brighten up the mood for young Koreans and working professionals to slow down and enjoy life! The poster makes it look like the girls are having so much fun and enjoyment! The simple tones are used well and it doesn't take away from the members as the main focus.

The group have taken a break for just over a year now, so the new release as hyped up their fans, after their successful first full album "Unlock My World".

Pledis Entertainment announced on May 31st that "the members of fromis_9 are preparing to release a new album in August."

Let's check out a snippet on the link below!

Exciting news about their meet and greet, where fans can meet the band at a special photo exhibition, "From Summer", from July 5 - 14 at Geumho Alver is just the cherry on the cake! A photobook of the same name will also be released at the same time! How cool is that?

Compared to other K-girl groups, we like the style and concepts that the girls have used in their previous albums. We feel as if we have gotten to know the members individually, and we have found their vocals to be somewhat "refreshing" to the industry.

Are you ready for fromis_9's summer comeback? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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