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Get ready for ZEROBASEONE's blooming debut in Japan!

Calling all K-pop fans! Brace yourselves for the arrival of a new force in the J-pop scene – the powerhouse rookies of ZEROBASEONE (ZB1)!

This electrifying nine-member boy group has taken the K-Pop world by storm in just eight months. They've achieved an incredible feat, sweeping the prestigious Rookie of the Year award grand slam 10 times! Their immense popularity in South Korea has translated into a growing international fanbase, and now, they're setting their sights on Japan!

ZB1's meteoric rise is no fluke. In a record-breaking debut, they shattered all sales records for new groups. They've sold over 4 million copies of their music, landing them at the 16th spot on Hanteo's best-selling artist list. Their talent and charisma have been recognized with a staggering 18 awards, including coveted bonsangs from major award shows like MAMA, MMA, AAA, and SMA. They've even secured a win on the legendary Immortal Songs program, further solidifying their musical prowess.

But ZB1 isn't just about accolades; they're about electrifying performances too! They've already sold out a massive skydome for a fan concert, proving their ability to captivate audiences!

Now, they're ready to bloom in Japan! Get ready for their much-anticipated Japanese debut with the single "Yura Yura - Flower of Destiny". The music video, a vibrant serenade perfect for spring, is already creating a buzz.

Don't miss out on ZB1's official Japanese debut! Show your support and stream their music on these platforms:

Mark your calendars and get ready to be swept away by ZEROBASEONE's blooming talent!


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