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Hanni is now Gucci's beauty ambassador!

Hanni from the pop sensation NewJeans has furthered her collaboration with the global fashion house Gucci becoming their Global Brand Ambassador for Gucci Beauty! Let's take a look at all the gorgeous details!

On March 29, 2024, global fashion house Gucci announced their furthering partnership with K-pop idol Hanni by having her represent their beauty line! Hanni has been representing the brand since 2022. Let's take a look at all the cool photos!

The 19-year-old Vietnamese-Australian has also recently partnered up with global footwear brand UGG, representing her home country!

NewJeans Comeback!

NewJeans recently surfed the national headlines making waves among K-pop fans with their comeback in May! The group will also be holding their Japanese debut by hosting the "Bunnies Camp 2024 Tokyo Dome" from June 26 to June 27!

So let us know your thoughts on this very cool collaboration! Do you think Gucci will come up with cool makeup concepts for Bunnies?


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