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HyunA faces backlash for her relationship with former Highlight member Jun Hyung

Korean pop star HyunA, known for her vibrant personality and captivating performances, finds herself in the midst of controversy once again! We reveal how the public reacted to the details of her romantic life!

After her recent split with DAWN, rumors began circulating about her dating former Highlight/BEAST member, Yong Jun Hyung. While their relationship was initially met with speculation, both artists recently confirmed their romantic involvement, leading to a surge of mixed reactions from fans and the public.

The Instagram Revelation

Last week, both Yong Jun Hyung and HyunA shocked their fans by simultaneously posting a picture on Instagram, showcasing them intimately holding hands. This unexpected display of affection fueled speculations about their relationship. To add fuel to the fire, the couple was later spotted returning to Korea together after their trip to the United States, further intensifying the rumors.

Backlash from Fans and Netizens

The revelation of HyunA and Yong's relationship did not sit well with fans and netizens, who expressed their disapproval. Notably, two of HyunA's celebrity friends, Jo Kwon and Hani, decided to unfollow her on social media platforms as a result. Moreover, HyunA reportedly experienced a significant drop in her Instagram followers, losing over 100,000 after the alleged relationship post with Yong Junhyung.

The Unfollowing Drama

In response to the mounting rumors and speculation, Yong Jun Hyung addressed the situation on Tuesday by posting a short message on his Instagram story, accompanied by a picture of HyunA. He expressed his astonishment, saying,

"팔로우랑 상관없이 저 현아랑 친해요. 카톡도 하고 통화도 하고. 아니 갑자기 무슨 일…?"

● Translation:

"I'm close to HyunA regardless of her followers. We texted each other and talked on the phone. What happened all of a sudden?"

Many fans and reports interpreted this as confirmation of their relationship.

Shared History and Controversial Background

Yong Jun Hyung and HyunA share a history that goes back to their time as labelmates under CUBE Entertainment. However, both artists left the agency, with Yong departing in 2016 and HyunA in 2018. Yong Jun Hyung, formerly a member of the popular boy band HIGHLIGHT (formerly known as B2ST), left the group in 2019 following his involvement in the infamous Burning Sun Scandal.

The Burning Sun Scandal Effect

Yong Jun Hyung's association with illegal activities related to the Burning Sun Scandal has had a profound impact on his entertainment career, casting doubts on his return to the industry. This controversial backdrop raises questions about HyunA's decision to enter a relationship with him, as fans and the public express disappointment and concern.

Backlash From Fans

Since the confirmation of their relationship, social media platforms, particularly the Instagram comments sections of both artists, have been inundated with fans expressing their disappointment.

Many fans have directed their disappointment toward HyunA, criticizing her for engaging in a relationship with Yong Jun Hyung, given his involvement in the Burning Sun Scandal.

Now What?

HyunA's confirmation of her relationship with ex-Highlight member Yong Jun Hyung has not been well-received by fans and the public. The backlash stems from Yong's association with the Burning Sun scandal and the impact it had on his career. The controversy has raised questions about HyunA's decision to get involved with him, leaving fans divided and disappointed. As the situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how both artists will navigate the challenges ahead and address the concerns of their respective fan bases.

Comment your thoughts on this unfolding real life K-drama! Do you think HyunA's personal life should affect her work life and celebrity? Should fans have a say in their favorite idol's personal choice? We want to hear from you!


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