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Jessi Leaves P NATION After 3 Years (Here's Why)

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Global Superstar, Jessi, parts ways with P NATION after three years under contract with the entertainment company.

Jessi leaves PNation on July 6, 2022 (PNation)

P NATION announced, on July 3, Jessi would be leaving the company after the expiration of her contract. Jessi was the first artist to sign with the company in 2019 and fans are taken aback at her departure. The agency released the following statement:

Hello. This is P NATION.
First of all, we express deep gratitude to everyone who has sent much love and interest to Jessi.
We inform you that our exclusive contract with Jessi recently expired.
Being with P NATION since the beginning until now as P NATION’s first artist, Jessi has secured her position as an artist who is loved by more fans through her warm passion and endless efforts. That process and her achievements became positive and enjoyable sources of motivation for every member of P NATION.
We will continue to cheer on Jessi’s future path as an artist, and we will continuously support her diverse activities.
We thank the many fans who cherish Jessi, and we ask that you continue to send warm encouragement and support.
Thank you.

Many fans have been speculating the reason for Jessi's departure from the budding agency and she took to Instagram to clear up any misconceptions on the matter. The singer stated that she "hasn't rested since 2005" and "needed time to collect her thoughts and breathe". Her departure from the agency was not on bad terms and she loves P NATION "for life."

We are a bit surprised that Jessi has decided to part ways with P NATION when the agency has a promising future with rising stars Dawn and Heize. We understand that Jessi needs some time off and wish her the very best in the future! Let us know your thoughts on this matter and if you support her decision!


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