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"JK" or "Ian"? Jungkook's New Nickname Is Going Viral!

BTS member Jungkook accidentally revealed his private TikTok account named "Ian" during a recent interaction with fans on Weverse! So what are fans calling their beloved BTS member? We break down this story for you!

Jungkook shared a TikTok of ENHYPEN dancing to his solo track "Seven" and praised members Jay and Jungwon for their dance skills.

Jungkook didn't know people could see his account when he shared a link.

But fans were quick to notice the "Ian" watermark on the video, leading to speculation that it could be Jungkook's secret account on Tiktok!

● Jungkook on Weverse:

Ah since I shared a Tiktok, now you know my tiktok account hahaha (ah made the nickname Ian.. I'm embarrassed..) Yeah it's me but not using it. It's for monitoring
I quickly switched it to JK.. Well since you know now I'll leave it as is, better that way lol

— Jungkook

What makes this even more funny is how Jungkook's stage name was supposed to be Ian. Who would've thought that Jungkook will set his username to Ian for his "SUPPOSEDLY" "PRIVATE/SECRET"TikTokk account?

From Twitter

● Jungkook on Weverse:

Ah… I’m embarrassed… Heh Ha… Next time we meet/see each other, don’t make fun of me

— Jungkook

Jungkook asked fans not to make fun of him after his new nickname went viral, but the request only fueled more teasing. The incident highlights the power of fandom.

● Jungkook on Weverse:

Don't make jokes with Ian

— Jungkook

ARMYs were responding to him everywhere on social media by making Ian a trend :

And his new nickname started trending online.

The discovery led to excitement among fans, who are now eagerly waiting for Jungkook to post more content on TikTok.

Some fans expressed concern that the singer's privacy had been breached.

Despite the humor, fans recognized the importance of respecting Jungkook's privacy and expressed their support for him.

What will Jungkook's reaction be like if an army sees him by chance and say oh Ian? Instead of Oh Jungkook?


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