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Learn Korean With Jungkook!

If you’re learning Korean while you're one of BTS fans the South Korean kpop band 방탄소년단, also called the Bangtan Boys, then you are in the right place!

Learning through BTS is also a cool method to connect with pop culture while learning the Korean language.

Today we're going to learn Korean with BTS Jeon Jungkook with his lovely song " STILL WITH YOU "!

Smile together, cry together

함께 웃고, 함께 울고.

These simple emotions

이 단순한 감정들이.

I guess they were evereything to me

내겐 전부였나 봐.

● ( 함께 : together )

sing a song together.

함께 노래를 부르다.

● ( 웃다 : laugh, smile )

Jungkook wrote: LOL.

Jungkook 작성 : 크게 웃다.

● ( 울다 : cry, weep )

I cried with joy when I found out that I was admitted to NYU.

나는 뉴욕대학에 합격했다는 소식을 듣고 기뻐서 울었다.

● ( 이 : this )

말하는 사람에게 가까이 있거나 말하는 사람이 생각하고 있는 대상을 가리키는 말.

A pronoun used to indicate something near the speaker or what the speaker is thinking.

● ( 단순 : simple )

He is a simple person.

그는 단순한 사람이다.

● ( 감정 : feelings )

personal feelings.

개인적인 감정.

● To me ( 내겐 : adverb form from 내다 )

● ( 전부 : all )

That's all I have!

이게 전부야!

● look (at) ( 봐 : an imperative form of 보다 )

Look at him! He's huge!

저 사람 좀 봐! 덩치 진짜 크다!

After finishing this lesson, was it informative for you ? Do you want a second part of it ? Let us know in the comments !

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Apr 07, 2023

So true !! the best 💜

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