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Joo Won Makes Astonishing Transformation In New Netflix Film "Carter"

Netflix's new action thriller movie Carter trailer shocked all of the K-culture community when a jacked Joo Won (My Sassy Girl 2017) entered the trailer in an aggressive manner! The adrenaline-rushed, action-packed trailer featured a shaved head Joo Woo navigating the streets of South Korea with the CIA tracking him. Check out the trailer!

Carter is about a man who wakes up with a mysterious mark on his neck, an army of guns pointed in his direction, and no recollection of his past. The one thing he knows? There’s a mysterious voice in his ear calling him “Carter” and telling him to run. His mission is to find a young child, Jung Ha Na, and bring her to North Korea. At the same time, a mutant virus is spreading and has already infected 8.5 million people. It seems that Jung Ha Na is the human vaccine and he has to rescue the child from those who are trying to kidnap her. [Netflix]

After watching the trailer twice, we couldn't believe how good the camerawork was especially during the fighting scenes on the jeep! The movie also seems to be in English and in Korea, indicating it was intended for a more global audience.

Carter is expected to be released on August 5, 2022.

Do you think Joo Won is the next Korean action star? Did this trailer get your blood going? Let us know how excited you are to see this film!


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