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K-Indie Scene Teaser: Soul Delivery - Crafting a Sonic Journey to the Heart [Part 1]

We had the wonderful opportunity to interview the up-and-coming Indie band Soul Delivery! The interview video will be in Part 2!

Let us introduce you!

Soul Delivery Spotify
Soul Delivery Spotify

Soul Delivery is exactly as their band name says, they deliver Soul and Heart through their music. Give them a listen and you will see!

The members of Soul Delivery are Haeun (Keyboard), SHINDRUM (drums), Joon's Second Life (Guitar) & Yonghoon Jeong (정용훈) (Bass). Their record label is r./ss which stands for Rhythm Somang Sarang and is actually their own label!

They have released two albums so far! Here they are:


"FOODCOURT" YouTube Playlist

2. "Peninsula Park"

Peninsula Park YouTube Playlist

You can check out their events and daily life on their Instagram HERE:

Soul Delivery's music falls under the R&B/Soul genre. Our favorite songs by the band include:


"Rhythm, Hope, Love" (Album: "FOODCOURT")

"Fish and Chips" (Album: "Penisula Park")

"Greenwich Holiday" (Album: "Peninsula Park")

And last but not least...

"Whisky" (Album: "Peninsula Park")

If you are in Seoul, you can catch one of their live performances by checking for any upcoming events on their Instagram page!

The band is warm, friendly, and insanely talented! Be sure to come back for more of Soul Delivery! For the interview video stay tuned for part 2 of this series!

What's your favorite Soul Delivery song? Let us know in the comments below!


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