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K-pop idol girl group with 24 members?? tripleS Assemble24 members are revealed!

The world's first decentralized K-pop girl group, tripleS Assemble24, finally revealed their entire group! With their first full-length album released at 6 PM KST on May 8, 2024, we dive into the world of "the idols of all possibilities"!

tripleS Assemble24 first full-length album "ASSEMBLE24" was released on May 8, 2024, at 6 PM KST and contains 10 tracks including their single "Girls Never Die". Check out their full performance video!

The title song "Girls Never Die" is very meaningful to the group since it was chosen by fans all over the world touting tripleS as the first "two-way communication idol". The meaning of the song reveals the will of the girls' will of determination to not collapse under hardships and difficulties. As the title was chosen by the fans themselves, the song hits closer to home to both fans and group members alike.

tripleS not only won the Best New Female Rookie Award at the 2023 MAMA AWARDS last year but also became the best rookie at the "31st Anniversary Hanteo Music Awards 2023", demonstrating the fervent love of fans around the world. They are determined to establish themselves as a global trend beyond rookies with their first full-length album "ASSEMBLE24."

Meanwhile, tripleS Assemble24's first full-length album "ASSEMBLE24" can be enjoyed on global music platforms! Comment below with your thoughts on this new group and concept!


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