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Korea's Ideal Type Kim Yeon Ah to Get Married!

(NEWS1, 2022)

Celebrity Ice skater and South Korea's sweetheart has announced her engagement to Singer Ko Woo Rim of Forestella. The couple has been dating for over 3 years and finally made the relationship public this week. Her company, All That Sports, announced their intent to marry on Monday morning to news outlets. She is set to marry her vocalist beau in October in a small ceremony where fans are not welcome in order to have a more intimate ceremony.

(@Starbuckmin, Twitter)

The couple met at Kim's company's Ice performance in 2018 where Ko performed with Forestella. Their relationship has been rumored for sometime, but nothing has been confirmed until yesterday. Ko Woo Rim rose to modest fame as the winner of the show Phantom Singer, which created his group. He still promotes in the group, Forestella, and is trained as an singer from Seoul National University.

(Olympics, 2010)

Kim YYeon Ah is one of the most recognizable names in Korean households. Even if you don't care for celebrities, thousands of households across the world rooted for her as she won gold in the 2010 and silver in the 2014 Winter Olympics for ice skating. She has a highly decorated career as a figure skater, but she did not stop there. After the Olympics, she became the face of several brands from Nike to Samsung and an ambassador for several organizations. She was on various variety shows and has also released several singles as a singer, including a single called "Ice Flower" with IU.

After years as South Korea's ideal type, the news of her upcoming marriage is sure to shock her fans. Its another sign of the 2000-2010 generation of celebrities becoming adults and leading new lives. Its exciting to predict who else is going to announce their marriage after the nation's sweetheart has announced hers. Who do you think will be next? Let us know in the comments!


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