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Lady Maeda holds a key shocking secret to Part 2 of "Gyeongseong Creature"!

Part 2 of Netflix's highly-acclaimed horror/period drama Gyeonseong Creature just released and there are some shocking secrets revealed! We uncover what really went on in the final part of this amazing saga!

*If you haven't read Part 1 of our breakdown from Gyeongseong Creature, make sure to visit it first before continuing! We don't want to spoil any juicy details for you!


Quietly living a private life, Lady Yukiko Maeda (Soo Hyun 7th Grade Civil Servant 2013) is the wife of Commissioner Ishikawa of the Gyeongseong Police Bureau. We know she is from a well-off family in Japan, but Part 2 discloses her real relationship with her husband!

Despite their perfect marriage in public, Lady Maeda and Commissioner Ishikawa show their true selves in the second half of the drama. They promised that they would use each other for their own benefit: Commissioner Ishikawa would use Lady Maeda for her political power and connections to move up in society and in return, she needed a loyal husband for her to go to Joseon (South Korea).

When Commissioner Ishikawa is called upon to chase a violently infected Myeong Ja (Akiko), his pregnant mistress, he is clawed down and ripped to shreds (literally) by her as he disowns her in public, in front of his men. In a violent fit of rage, Akiko claws his face and neck drawing blood everywhere. Ishikawa is rushed to the hospital where they fail to stop the bleeding. Lady Maeda gets the call that he is close to dying and she tells Director Ichiro to let him die! (Whoa! She is more cold-blooded than we thought!)

It should be no secret now that Lady Maeda has her hands on everything that goes on in Onseong Hospital, including the creature experiments. In fact, she is the one behind the shadows controlling the whole operation!

Everyone close to Jang Tae Sang betrays him!

In a shocking turn of events, it is Lady Maeda who reveals all who is close to Jang Tae Sang, has betrayed him in some sort of form. Mrs. Nawol reveals Jang Tae Sang's mother to the Japanese police when they took her from him when he was a child. Gu Gap Pyeong, Jang Tae Sang's right-hand man at the pawn shop gives up Tae Sang's dealings to the police bureau, and the young man Beom Oh sells out Jang Tae Sang's plans to Lady Maeda so she knows every move!

Final standoff

In a desperate last attempt to stop Jang Tae Sang and Yoon Chae Ok (Han So Hee) from escaping to Incheon after blowing up Onseong Hospital, Lady Maeda tracks them down with her goons. Lady Maeda tells Tae Sang and Chae Ok how she and Choi Seong Sim (Chae Ok's mother) were once friends.

The dramatic final fight against Lady Maeda's goons proves to be too much for Tae Sang and Chae Ok alone. But there is hope! The Creature comes to their rescue! Or so we think... While running away from the scene, the Creature catches up to Tae Sang and Chae Ok and in an attempt to protect Tae Sang from the Creature's tentacles, Chae Ok sacrifices herself to save him! Oh, what we do for the ones we love!

A dramatic finish!

Just when we thought everything was well wrapped up, Lady Maeda is attending her late husband's funeral. A letter from Jang Tae Sang is given to her through his best friend, Kwon Jun Taek (Wi Ha Joon) stating "Farewell". It takes a moment for Lady Maeda to realize that it means literally her last farewell! As she stands up and starts to run to the exit, the church explodes with the dynamite planted by the Korean rebels! Revenge is so sweet!

We hope you enjoyed this fantastic journey with us as much as we did! Part fantasy, part historical fiction, Gyeongseong Creature reminded us of the sacrifice many Koreans made to break free from the grips of the Japanese empire. Let us know if you loved or disliked this drama and why! We want to hear from you!


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