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Let's Learn Korean From The Hottest Show Out Now! "Behind Your Touch"!

The newly finished K-drama Behind Your Touch was a fun and wild ride! It focused on a veterinarian with psychometric abilities and a passionate detective teaming up to solve a serial killer on the loose in a small town called Mujin. They soon find themselves embroiled in a dangerous criminal case that puts their skills to the test!

In today's article, we're going to learn some Korean sentences through the first episode of this K-drama!


● The First scene :

The conversation :

- I told you to call when you got here

- 여기 도착하면 전화하라고 했잖아요.

- Auntie

- 이모

- It must have been hard

- 힘들었지

- Let's go inside

- 들어가자

- Where's Grandpa ?

- 할아버지는 ?

- He is inside

- 안에 계세요

● The second scene :

The conversation :

- Father

- 아버지

- Ye Bun is here

- 예분이 왔어요.

- How have you been (Grandpa)?

- 그동안 안녕하셨어요?

☆ Note: she didn't say "Grandpa" but she meant to address him by this question.

We heard a lot of family names right? We heard ( Father, Grandfather, Auntie.. ), if you don't know how to address someone in your family don't worry we will help you learn all their names.

● We can learn how to address every member of the family through this picture :

● We can also learn how to say the prepositions of places in Korean :

We have provided some small clips from the first episode of the series without spoiling the events. If you're interested in learning Korean from the other episodes of this K-drama, please let us know in the comments section! We'll be happy to assist you with Korean language learning!



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