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Learn Korean from Jadoo!! [No. 1 Korean Family Animation!]

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Hello everyone, and welcome to the learning Korean lesson of this week!!

Today, we are going to help you improve your Korean language through some questions like topik exams!

We are going to show you some cartoon scenes, watch them carefully to answer their questions, and try to do not to read their English subtitles or translation and tell us in the comments if you answered them by using the English subtitles or not! We will give you the correct answer in the next lesson!

● Scene 1 :

1 : 에..이렇게 엄마가 바쁘실 때는 아빠가 청소나 설거지도 해주시고

1 : When my mom is really busy, my dad cleans the house and does the dishes.

1 : 에...또... 아무튼 서로를 존중해주며 살고 계십니다..

1 : Hmm, what else? They just really respect one another.

2 : 말도 안돼

2 : No way.

2 : 비교되는 구만...

2 : I can't compare them.

1 : 에... 이상입니다..

1 : That's all.

3 : 멋진 아빠시네요~ 잘했어요.

3 : You have a wonderful father ~ Good job

3 : 다음은 돌돌이.

3 : Next is Doldol.

Now answer the questions.

● Scene 2 :

The conversation :

1 : 저희 엄마는 말이죠~ 회사에 다니시면서

My mom works and

1 : 아직도 아가씨 같은 몸매를 유지하고 계십니다.

still has the figure of a young woman.

1 : 그리고 아빠는 일요일이면 꼭 가족들과

And my dad always takes the family out

1 : 외식하거나 동물원 같은 곳에 데려다 주십니다.

to eat or places like the zoo every Sunday.

1 : 이상 입니다.

That's all.

2 : 잘난 척은.

He thinks he's so cool.

3 : 자, 다음은... 최자두!

Okay. Next is Jadoo!

Now answer the questions.

After answering all the questions tell us if you could understand them all or not and wait for the next learning Korean article to know the right answers and to complete the lesson to know what Jadoo did and said!


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