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Mamamoo Is Back With A New Single! Here's What Fans Are Saying!

Mamamoo dropped their new single "ILLELLA (일낼라)" on October 11. It has garnered almost 6 million views on YouTube in just 15 hours! Take a look at their music video!

"ILLELLA" sometimes stylized as 1LLELLA literally means "get up" and "cause an incident". It is the lead single from Mamamoo's 12th extended play Mic On. With a mixture of K-pop and reggae/reggaeton elements, the single has been met with positive reviews!

The song is filled with powerful vocals and awesome reggae dance moves, the four members are stating that it will bring fans to a frenzy.

Rapper Moon Byul added:

"the words to the song spell out "love," saying it’s a serenade for two lovebirds and how they confirm their feelings toward each other under the moonlight."

Moon Byul (RBW)
Moon Byul (RBW)

Solar describes the new album further:

“It’s an album with Mamamoo’s ambition and aspirations to bring the best on stage. Something big is on its way, so that’s what people should expect from us."

Solar (RBW)
Solar (RBW)

The mini album also features “1,2,3 Eoi!” which comes from the catchphrases Mamamoo uses before jumping onto the stage. "L.I.E.C.” is the third song on the album featuring the introduction tune of the group's mega-hit "Um Oh Ah Yeh".

Mic On will be available for purchase on October 12, 2022.

Let us know if you like the song! Will you buy the new album?


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