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"Men are Men" actress Hwang Jung Eum files for divorce for the second time! [Full story!]

From the heights of her career to the depths of a troubled marriage, actress Hwang Jung Eum finds herself making headlines once again as she files for divorce for the second time! What happened? We give you all the details!

Hwang Jung Eum, a popular actress known for her remarkable performances, is now making headlines for filing for divorce from her husband Lee Young Don for the second time. The couple's rocky relationship has raised questions about their eight-year journey together and who may be at fault.

In this article, we delve into the details of their whirlwind romance, the challenges they faced, and the actress's outspoken nature that has drawn both admiration and criticism.

A Speedy Romance and Surprising Marriage

Hwang Jung Eum and Lee Young Don tied the knot in 2016 after only six months of publicly dating. Lee, a businessman and former professional golfer, had an impressive background that garnered attention, particularly from the ladies.

The couple's relationship attracted significant public interest, as they openly displayed affection and showed no reservations about their love. Many were taken aback by their decision to marry after such a short courtship. It was later revealed that they had been dating for several months before their public announcement, although still a relatively brief period to make a lifelong commitment.

In 2016, after their marriage, on July 30’s episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” actress Hwang Jung Eum talks about her relationship with her new husband and her hopes for their future. When she was asked how many kids she’d like to have, Hwang Jung Eum replied:

“Four? Right now I want to enjoy being newlyweds, but I want to have four kids later.”

They officially exchanged vows in 2016 and welcomed their first child in 2017.

Actress Hwang Jung Eum radiates joy and elegance in her white dress, as she playfully enjoys a memorable photoshoot with her friends, capturing the essence of her pregnancy and the anticipation of becoming a first-time mother

She came back for her children

What surprised many was the swiftness of their relationship, especially considering that Hwang Jung Eum had recently ended a long-term relationship with musician Kim Young Jun before her marriage with Lee Young Don.

Despite their apparent happiness after their marriage, the couple encountered significant challenges. In September 2020, Hwang filed for divorce, but the couple sought reconciliation through mediation and ultimately reunited in July 2021 after discovering she was pregnant with their second child. In 2022, they celebrated the birth of their second son.

Actress Hwang Jung Eum shared her first glimpse of her second son on Instagram, expressing her happiness and joy in becoming a mother of two. The heartwarming photos showcase her bond with her newborn and her joyful moments of rest and affection.

In 2022, Actress Hwang Jung Eum took to social media about herself and her children

In 2022, Hwang Jung Eum was known as a married talented actress and mother of two.

She was captured enjoying a family moment at a restaurant. Despite her busy life, she maintains her stunning appearance and elegance, showcasing her goddess-like visuals even with minimal makeup. Her choice of luxurious accessories adds to her overall grace and charm.

It became her biggest regret in life

She made an appearance as a guest on the talk show My Little Old Boy, which aired on SBS and showcases the lives of middle-aged unmarried celebrities.

During the episode, Hwang Jung Eum extensively discussed the complex history of her relationship with Lee Young Don. Notably, in 2020, the actress famously sent press releases to Korean media, publicly declaring her intention to file for divorce after being married for three years.

“I married my husband after dating for 10 months, and now we have been married for eight years. At the time, I was blinded by love and everything about him seemed so cool,” she said, as translated by Koreaboo. “But now, I don’t find him to be handsome as I once did when we were dating and my heart no longer flutters.”

In addition, she shared with the show's hosts:

“Marriage is my life’s biggest regret. Isn’t it interesting that I like nothing about him?”

Hwang also added that these contemptuous feelings were also being reciprocated to some extent by Lee, who she claimed called her “demon doll”, a twist on his original affectionate nickname, "doll."

The 38-year-old actress also addressed her public divorce announcement in 2020:

“I told my parents a day before news outlets reported the divorce. I revealed the news in my family’s group chat.”

Despite informing her family, she was shocked to see that her parents were only concerned about her husband.

Allegations and social media drama

While the couple maintained secrecy around the details of their divorce, media outlets dug deep and allegedly contacted a source close to Hwang Jung Eum, who claimed that Lee Young Don was responsible for the deterioration of their relationship. The specific reasons, however, were not disclosed.

Hwang took matters into her own hands by posting a picture of her husband with their child on Instagram. In the caption, she made a seemingly sarcastic remark about his behavior during their marriage, implying that he may have been preoccupied with other matters.

According to Koreaboo, the translation was this :

"My loving husband is so beautiful. This is my husband, Lee Young Don, who has been so busy enjoying himself since getting married to me. You’ve been so busy until now, now just enjoy yourself comfortably".

Moreover, she confirmed her husband's infidelity in the comment section, suggesting a troubled relationship.

She surprisingly interacted with some netizens on social media and it raised eyebrows. And she responded to malicious netizens who defend her husband. Responding to a comment, she cryptically remarked,

"If I remember, I think he dated like 400 people".

Photo captured by: K-Sélection

On February 23, a netizen commented on Hwang Jung Eum's latest post about her husband :

“I understand Young-don. Honestly, if you have abilities and money, you won't stay faithful to just one woman. If you can't understand that someone is unfaithful when they're rich, then you shouldn't date them lol “

Hwang Jung-eum replied:

“You should read a book or go make yourself some money. I earn money a thousand times more than he does, so stop playing around with me thinking you know everything about money.. What do you know to talk like that? According to your logic, since I make more money and I'm more successful than him, it’s right for me to cheat on him, right? If it were up to you, haha.”

Hwang Jung Eum candidly discussed her experience of being unaware of her partner's infidelity and emphasized that sometimes in life, we might not know the truth until we encounter it:

“How do you know that the person you are dating is unfaithful? I didn't know, so I went out with him. That's life…… "

She also playfully questioned this internet user about their identity, referring to her husband Young-don, showcasing her ability to handle difficult situations with humor and resilience:

“Are you Young-don??ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”, (the name of her husband)

When another user commented:

“Young-don should have fun too”

Hwang Jung-eum replied:

“I hope he enjoys it even after the divorce~”.

Photo captured by : K-Sélection
Photo captured by : K-Sélection

Another user commented:

“As expected, Jung-eum doesn’t hold back! Show your true colors and keep bothering your ex-husband until the end”

To which Hwang Jung Eum replied:

“I held back once~ This is the first time I’ve ever held back something since I was born.”

Photo captured by: Koreaboo
Photo captured by: Koreaboo


“Your husband seems to be very busy 🤣”

Hwang Jung Eum:

“He’s been busy ever since getting married..”

The netizen playfully points out the husband's busy schedule after marriage, to which Hwang Jung Eum humorously agrees, indicating that his workload (cheating) has increased since their union.

Photo captured by: Koreaboo
Photo captured by: Koreaboo

An another netizen commented:

“So this is what he looks like..”

Hwang Jung Eum responded:

“He looks like someone you’d have a hard time remembering..”
“If I remember, I think he dated like 400 people.”

Hwang Jung Eum responded to this netizen's comment about her husband's personality, suggesting he is not easily memorable and humorously mentioning that she believes he has dated numerous people in the past.

Hwang Jung Eum's supporters grew in number after she addressed her haters and critics, as they gained insight into the unfortunate circumstances surrounding her divorce. People sympathized with her situation, and her husband's infidelity made it easier for them to stand by her side and offer encouragement.

The divorce announcement

Now, Hwang Jung Eum's agency, Y1 Entertainment, released an official statement confirming the divorce filing.

This is actress Hwang Jung Eum’s agency Y1 Entertainment. After much deliberation, Hwang Jung Eum decided that it is no longer possible to maintain her marriage and is in the process of filing for divorce. Please understand that details such as the reason for divorce cannot be disclosed as it is a private matter. In addition, we earnestly ask you to refrain from creating speculative rumors and provocative reports that will damage the reputation of the actress and her children”.

The statement emphasized that the reasons for the divorce would remain private and requested the public's understanding and support during this difficult time. The agency also urged against spreading rumors or engaging in provocative reporting that could harm the reputation of the actress and her children.

Despite the personal challenges, the actress is determined to not let this affect her professional life. Last seen in SBS’ The Escape of the Seven, she is now actively gearing up for the second season, titled The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection.

Comment below with your thoughts on Hwang Jung Eum's handling of her personal life publicly. What do you think?


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