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Money Heist: Korea Serves Rehashing Of Original With A Little Bit Of Local Flavor

Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area is streaming on Netflix now (Netflix)

*Contains spoilers.

4.7/5 Stars (So far!)

Much like the original version, Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area has been highly anticipated by Money Heist fans and is finally streaming on Netflix. What do we think of this remake of the Spanish version of La Casa De Papel? We break down our reasons why you should still watch it!

Variety of characters + North vs. South Korea

Although the Korean version of the remake contains the same eclectic group of characters, their backgrounds and stories are a bit different. Berlin, for example, grew up in a North Korean camp where he was abused by other older workers as a child. This makes this version of the story a little more intriguing. If you like Korean culture and history, then watch on! The mix of North Koreans and South Koreans in the Joint Economic Area is something quite interesting to watch. There is a constant struggle between the South Korean capitalists vs. the North Korean communists' mindset throughout the series. Characters constantly are butting heads with each other due to their upbringing, and this causes some spicy cultural flavor to arise!

Korean culture sprinkled in.

Netflix always does an amazing job of combining local culture with global taste. Although most fans have seen the original and are expecting the same type of story, Netflix throws a curveball and decides to change slight differences in culture, for example, food! Throughout the series, the characters are seen eating traditional Korean food, either at the site of the heist or at home. If you are a fan of K-dramas, then you know what I mean! Koreans love sharing their food with the world!

Seon Woo Jin (Crisis negotiator) has a Korean meal with her daughter (Netflix)

Should you watch it?

Even for long-time fans, Money Heist: Korea is still worth the stream! The clash of different character backgrounds with a splash of Korean culture and food is a breath of fresh air from the original. Although the story and basis are still the same, we feel that the remake still has some value for long-time fans to enjoy! For new fans, you're in for a treat! There are still many Korean fans who have not seen the series yet and after telling them the background story, they immediately decided to jump on Netflix and start streaming!

Check out this fun video about what the cast has to say to each other!

What are your thoughts about this highly-anticipated remake? Will you watch it? If you did, what did you like or dislike?


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