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My Liberation Notes Rises To Number 2 On Netflix

  • Three siblings, that really cannot get along, but intriguing!

  • Monotony can be addicting!

Son Suk-Ku and Kim Ji-Won star in My Liberation Notes. Photo via Netflix.

*Contains spoilers.

4/5 Stars

Who thought monotony can be so addicting! My Liberation Notes rises to number 2 on Netflix's Korean drama list. The ongoing series comprises three adult siblings living very much boring lives on the outskirts of Seoul. Yeom Mi-Jeong (Kim Ji-Won Mr. Sunshine 2018) is the youngest of the three and goes to a marketing office job she hates, with a supervisor she hates. Every day she passes a sign on the side of a building that states "Something good will happen to you today", but the never-ending cycle of the monotony of her life just gives her false hope.

Enter the mysterious Mr. Gu (Son Suk-Ku D.P. 2021) who helps out on the Yeom family farm and Mi-Jeong's father's sink business. Mr. Gu doesn't seem that he can go a day without a bottle, or two, of soju and seems to be running away from something.

When the three siblings, each with their own personal and professional relationship issues, vow to create a more exciting life by each doing something they haven't done before, their lives are thrown into a whirlwind of catastrophe and emotional turmoil.

The series continues in a monotonous way, just like the lives of the characters. It starts slow, very slow, and progresses along until someone decides to break their monotonous lifestyle. Then, we're given a chance to see some much-needed excitement. My Liberation Notes is not your typical K-drama with peppy characters and colorful dialogue. It is a slow and character-revealing story, much like how the reality of living in Korea really is.

This drama really depicts the lives of ordinary Koreans. Life in Korea can often be shown as fast-paced, but there are many people who are struggling in a big city. This drama shows the reality of Koreans that are hiding behind mountains of credit card debt and relationship trust issues, either personal or professional.

We highly recommend this drama if you want to experience the reality of life in Korea and the troubles and hardships that come with it. Let us know what you think of this drama! Would you recommend it to your friends?


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