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NCT Dream Drops New M/V for "Best Friend Ever"

Dinosaurs, flying airplanes, and spaceships! What better way than to celebrate your relationship with your best friend? The much anticipated Japan debut single from NCT Dream is almost over! Their new single "Best Friend Ever" was released earlier today February 8, 2023, at 6 PM KST! The seven-member unit dropped the teaser for the single a day before on February 7 and has netizens going crazy over the colorful clean visuals! Take a look!

The teaser featured a funky style beat with the members hugging each other on a massive bed/mattress wearing lime-green robes! The cute visuals of the members having a pillow fight really give the feel of friends having fun with each other and enjoying each other's company. The hashtag #bestfriendsever is trending all over Twitter and Japanese fans are showing off their NCT Dream photocards!

Many CD and music shops in Japan have already started selling the single, a day before the scheduled release.

There are various versions of the single including a regular version (A and B) with the whole group on the cover as well as each member only for a total of seven different album covers.

The music video featured a variety of childhood memories that only friends will understand! With references to "even whales that swim in the sky" (a reference to Extraordinary Attorney Woo!), your best friend can come in all shapes and sizes as long as you understand each other! The colorful background and beautiful close-ups of each member are so well done and upbeat! Take a look!

With almost 700,000 views in the first four hours, this song is bound to do well in the future!

You can purchase your own single here! Get one for your best friend as well! Let us know how you like the song in the comments!

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