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"Extraordinary Attorney Woo" Comes To An Extraordinary Finish!

The world's most popular autistic attorney, Woo Young Woo, capped off an amazing first season with through-the-roof viewership! The last episodes 15 and 16 premiered on August 17 and 18 and took first place in nationwide viewership with 13.779% and 17.534% respectively. The final episode reached the peak in viewership for the whole series and we break down its amazing episode!

Contains Spoilers!


Episode 14 left off with Woo Young Woo and Lee Joon Ho's relationship on the rocks as Young Woo decide to break up with Joon Ho without giving him a reason. Heartbroken, the two try to cope with office life while keeping their emotions in check and unsure of themselves. Joon Ho is depressed in the office since he doesn't know why Young Woo broke up with him.

Episode 15 starts off with a new case that spans the final two episodes. The most popular

e-commerce site in South Korea, Raon, has been a victim of spear phishing and the unknown hacker has compromised 80% of the country's citizens' personal financial data. With supervising attorney Jung Myeong Seok recovering from stomach surgery, Jang Seung Jun (Choi Dae Hoon Insider 2022) takes his place as leader of the Hanbada legal team.

During the trial, the CEO of Raon, Bae In Cheol (Kim Joo Hun Big Mouth 2022) is in despair as the situation becomes dire as Roan is hit with a class suit that could potentially end the company for good. He takes a cyanide pill in the middle of the courtroom and is rushed to the hospital.

Later that evening, Young Woo is still shaken up from the events that took place in the courtroom. She is walking home when she is approached by Joon Ho. The two finally clear the air as to why Young Woo decided to break up with Joon Ho after hearing what his sister had said during their lunch together.

In the final scene of episode 15, we find out the real hacker is Tae Soo Mi's son, Choi Sang Hyeon (Choi Hyun Jin The King of Pigs 2022)!

As the final episode unfolds, we are led deeper into Young Woo's family and her personal relationships. Due to her running for the Minister of Justice position, Tae Soo Mi tells her son that she will cover up his wrongdoings and move on.

Meanwhile, Attorney Jung is in the hospital recovering from his surgery and makes amends with his ex-wife, Choi Ji Soo (Lee Yoon Ji The 3rd Charm 2018) pondering quitting Hanbada.

Meanwhile, Young Woo receives shocking news from her father that the CEO, Tae Soo Mi (Jin Kyung Melancholia 2021) of Taesin, Hanbada's rival law firm is her biological mother.

The guilt that Sang Hyeon feels is unbearable as he runs to Young Woo to confess his deeds. He tells Young Woo that he is her half-brother and that their mother is planning on ignoring his hacking of Raon to pursue her dreams of becoming the Minister of Justice.

Sang Hyeon reveals that the partner and interim CEO of Raon, Kim Chan Hong, devised a plan to usurp the company in order to remind his partner In Cheol of the reason why they started the company. He asks Sang Hyeon to steal their users' personal information, but Sang Hyeon refuses and encrypts the data.

During the trial, there is a board meeting within Raon to remove Chan Hong from his CEO duties after finding out what he did through Sang Hyeon's testimony.

As the case closes, Joon Ho and Young Woo rush to the National Assembly to alert Tae Soo Mi to resign from running for the Minister of Justice. While in the car, Joon Ho professes his love for Young Woo like an "unrequited love for a cat"! The two agree to continue to see each other as Young Woo rushes into the building to talk to Soo Mi. During their conversation, Young Woo tells Soo Mi that she knows that Soo Mi is her birth mother and that she should take more care in raising Sang Hyeon. Soo Mi is ridden with guilt and decides to step down from running for the Ministry of Justice position.

The series finally comes to a feel-good close as Woo Young Woo and Lee Joon Ho are back together dating again!

We are sad to see this series come to an end! Season 2 is in the works and we can't wait to see more of this wondering amazing series! Let us know your thoughts about this series and what your favorite moments were!


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