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NCT Dream 2nd Repackaged Album 'Beatbox' Top Trending On YouTube

NCT Dream dropped their highly anticipated 2nd Repackaged Album 'Beatbox' of their second studio album 'Glitch Mode' on May 30. The album was well-received by fans selling 848,367 copies in its first week. The music video for 'Beatbox' has been top trending on YouTube for the past week and has been watched over 44 million times in the past week!

The music video gives a nod to the 90's throwback and brings back many happy memories, as a 90's baby, featuring graffiti art, baggy pants, Astro vans, and of course, the beatboxes! We're so excited that they decided to go with this theme!

Check out this 'Beatbox' dance video with over 1.1 million views in the past 24 hours!

You can also check out the boys unboxing the album themselves in this video!

Purchase your album here!

Let us know your thoughts on this repackaged album! Are you excited to get your own copy?


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