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Netflix reveals Physical 100 Season 2 contestants! Who do you have winning it all? [UPDATED!]

Updated: Mar 5

Netflix has mentioned that Physical 100 Season 2 will be muscling its way back onto your screen on March 19, 2024. We break down what you should know to get ready for this action-packed returning series!

Physical 100 series 2, Photo: Netflix
Physical 100 series 2, Photo: Netflix

The full list of the 100 challengers has been released and we do know a few of the contestants for Season 2, which have been taken out of the competition already! The Physical 100 Season 1, starred both Korean and International participants which made the show more diverse and appeal to a wider audience. The second season will include the first Korean IFC fighter Kim Dong Hyun and gold Judo medalist Lee Won Hee. The other contestants that we know of range in professions including actors, singers, police/military personnel, and former FBI agents. I have to say, that I think the lineup sounds great, and I cannot wait to watch it!

Here's the full list of 100 contestants!

A new trailer is now out!

The show has been promised to be bigger and better than the first series, and it will open with a maze that includes sandbags, following an endurance test on a treadmill. Based on the teaser the contestants will have to collect as many sandbags as possible while trying to find their way out of the maze!

Physical 100 series 2, maze challenge. Photo:
Physical 100 series 2, maze challenge. Photo:

Another challenge will also include the ominous, one-on-one fight scene where contestants have to wrestle another player in a water pit while trying to stay in possession of a medicine ball. Remember that looks are not everything even in the grueling challenges!

Remember to set your calendars for this not-to-be-missed show!

Comment below, and let us know if you will be watching Season 2 of Physical 100!


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