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Pepsi Responds To Coke's Nabbing Of Hot Group NewJeans With Their Own Trending Super Group!

Step aside Coca-Cola! Pepsi has an answer to Coke's nabbing of trending girl group NewJeans with a collaboration of their own! One of the hottest K-pop girl groups trending now, IVE partners with Coke's rival with a comeback song of their own! We break down the new song and tell you what we think!

Starship Entertainment dropped IVE's new collaboration song "I Want" with Pepsi on July 13, 2023. Already garnering more than half a million views in just 4 hours, "I Want" seems to be a big hit already! As a rebuttal to Coke's "Zero" song by NewJeans, Pepsi follows suit with Pepsi Zero Sugar promotional music video featuring the sextet.

Clad in all Pepsi tees, the girls from IVE show their charisma as they run through Seoul's subway trains in order to get their hands on a can of Pepsi. In combination with their catchy beat and simple lyrics, the girls seemed to slay in the first advertisement M/V!

Pepsi isn't prominent in South Korea!

An interesting point to note. Korea mostly sells Coca-Cola. Pepsi is rarely in restaurants and can be mostly seen in a select few convenience stores. We're not sure if Pepsi is targeting the Korean population or using the trending K-pop wave in order to sell more products globally.

In a clear attempt to copy what Coca-Cola did with NewJeans, what do you think about IVE's choice to partner up with the soda giant? Was it the right move? Let us know in the comments!


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