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NewJeans Has "Zero" Worries Collaborating With Global Giant Coca-Cola

Already stars-in-the-making, new girl group NewJeans has been trending online because of their brand deal with global company Coca-Cola! Their new hit single "Zero" was released on Monday, April 3, and has garnered over 3.8 million views in just over 15 hours! Let's break down why this collaboration is a success!

You can't go wrong partnering up with one of the biggest up-and-coming girl groups with one of the world's biggest brands singing, "코카콜라 맛있다 코카콜라 맛있다!" (Coca-Cola is delicious Coca-Cola is Delicious!) Add a bubbly beat and boom, you have a recipe for success!

Coca-Cola has been one of the best companies in terms of marketing people's feelings while consuming its product. This music video is a prime example of what marketing genius Coca-Cola has become! The girls of NewJeans are singing about a boy (or perhaps wanting some Coke Zero? We're not sure, you be the judge!). But regardless, wanting more of "it" and spend more time with "it" throughout the song, until they finally have "it" and enjoy themselves at the beach.

"See you looking at it, catch it. Here's your Cola."

With amazing visuals straight out of a NewJeans music video, the Coca-Cola studio really did an amazing job of combing both the swag of NewJeans with their product throughout the music video. At times, it seemed like a long version of a Coca-Cola advertisement, especially when the girls were on the beach. The way they were holding their bottles/cans of Coke really did seem that way!

Fans are already obsessed with the song and are putting it on repeat all week!

So what did you think about the music video? Did it make you want to go out and buy more Coca-Cola Zero? Let us know your thoughts!

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