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"REBOOT": DKZ will release their 2nd mini album! [Details & album preview!]

DKZ will be returning to the music scene on April 12th at 6 pm KST with the release of their second mini album called "REBOOT" which has been promised to be an upgraded side to the playful concepts that they have worked on in the past. We break down their new tracklist and what we think this new album will sound like!


If you are not familiar DKZ is a South Korean boy band formed and managed by Dongyo Entertainment. The group comprises of members Sehyeon, Mingyu, Jaechan, Jonghyeong, and Giseok. Previously, there were other members in the band, Wondae, Munik, and Kyoungyoon.

Photo: DKZ
Photo: DKZ

The tracklist is said to consist of a small number of songs for this mini-album;

  1. "We're Together"

  2. "Like a Movie"

  3. "Special Day"

  4. "Recollection (세상 가장 아름다웠던)"

  5. "Our Tomorrow"

The song "Like a Movie" will be the album's title track. For us, this makes us think of nostalgia. We hope this track can live up to this for myself and fans alike!

We think that the video looks insanely good, and we cannot wait to listen to their new album when it's released in a few days!

Let us know in the comments below if you will be downloading their new album "Reboot"!


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