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Sandara Park Opens Up About Her Secret Romantic Relationship on "Four Men" TV Show!

On the Korean TV program Four Men," former 2NE1 K-pop starlet Sandara Park made a startling confession about her personal life on August 15. She frankly said that she is now dating someone, giving viewers a look into her burgeoning romance! Let's take a look at all the details!

Sandara Park (South China Morning Post)
Sandara Park (South China Morning Post)

The admission was made when Tak Jaehoon, the host of the program, enquired about her romantic preferences. "I've started seeing someone, how did you know? Could you just tell that I was in the beginning stages of a relationship or something? Is it that easy to tell?" Sandara Park replied with her trademark candor. The revelation was greeted with interest and support from fans and viewers.

"I've started seeing someone, how did you know?" — Sandara Park

Sandara Park provided details on the early days of her romance while she was a guest on the show. She made a light-hearted comment about how she likes flirting with her spouse and creating eye contact when they meet each other's gaze. She openly disclosed that the individual in question is younger than her and recounted sending regular SMS loaded with heart emojis with a youthful zeal!

It should be noted that Sandara has had past relationships with younger partners and that they all had a similar structure. When asked about her dating experiences while working in the entertainment business, Sandara acknowledged that because of the particular requirements of her line of work, most of them have included other celebrities.

Sandara Park performs "Festival" at Show! Music Core on July 22, 2023
Sandara Park performs "Festival" at Show! Music Core on July 22, 2023

The openness of Sandara Park's comments not only provides a window into her private life but also sheds light on the difficulties of romance in the limelight. Her transparency serves as a reminder that love can blossom even in the hectic world of fame and popularity as followers support her path.

More details in this video!

Do you like how Sandara is so transparent in her relationships? Or do you think she should keep it quiet? Comment your thoughts below!


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