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Seok Jae Bum's Relationship With Park Won Seok Is Revealed! And Steamy Photos Of Shin Ye Eun & Lomon

Disney+'s new teen revenge thriller Revenge of Others (3인칭 복수 3inching Bogsu) starring Shin Ye Eun (More Than Friends 2020) and Lomon (All of Us Are Dead 2022, All of Us Are Dead 2 2023) gets more intense as secrets are revealed in the latest episodes! We dissect the relationship between rich boy Seok Jae Bum (Seo Ji Hoon Seasons of Blossom 2022) and Ok Chan Mi's (Shin Ye Eun) twin brother Park Won Seok (Kang Yul)!

Shin Ye Eun and Lomon star in "Revenge of Others" (Disney+)
Shin Ye Eun and Lomon star in "Revenge of Others" (Disney+)

*Spoiler Alert!

Quick Recap

Episode 7 provided steamy scenes of Ok Chan Mi (Shin Ye Eun) and Ji Soo Heon (Lomon) getting closer as they team up to find out Chan Mi's brother's killer! As Chan Mi accidentally shoots Soo Heon in the arm for falsely accusing him as the killer, the next scene of her patching him up has us seeing stars! A half-shirtless Lomon is seen being tended to as Shin Ye Eun applies bandages!

Meanwhile, the detectives in charge of the case are looking over footage of the crime scene of where Ju Hyeok Geon's body was found in the car body shop where Lomon had threatened him to apologize to the victim's mother. They find out that the receipt of Gi Oh Sung (Chae Sang Woo Queen of Ambition 2013) was found at the scene and suspect him of murder.

A surprising relationship is revealed!

Gi Oh Sung contacts Seok Jae Bum to show him something that he has been hiding for a while. As he pulls out an envelope filled with photos of Jae Bum and Park Won Seok, our minds were blown! Were Jae Bum and Won Seok having a relationship? Even as Jae Bum is looking at the photos, he's in disbelief! Fans took to Twitter to discuss their theories!

We feel that these pictures alone do not confirm the relationship since it is hard to believe anything Gi Oh Sung is saying in recent episodes.

What is your theory on this relationship? Do you think Gi Oh Sung made this up? Let us know!


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