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SHINee "Goes Hard" In 8th Studio Album! Also, M/V Announcement!

With their youngest member, Taemin, completing his military service, global supergroup SHINee is back with their 8th studio album "Hard"! We break down the new album and the music video drop for you!

Returning as a full group, SHINee is back with a new studio album looking to explore new genres! According to group member Onew, the group will be embarking on a "new chapter" in their musical careers!

"Hard" is a combination of musical styles that include, hip-hop, boom bap, R&B, electropop, and dance music. The album also features two breakup songs: "Sweet Misery" and "Insomnia". Here is the full tracklist!

Hard track listing

No. Title






6."The Feeling"

7."Like It"

8."Sweet Misery"

9."Insomnia" (불면증; Bulmyeonjeung)


The album was released earlier today at 6 PM KST. You can order your copy here!

SHINee's "Hard" M/V teaser screenshots!
SHINee's "Hard" M/V teaser screenshots!

The M/V teaser for "Hard" was also released on June 25 that showcased music genres like boom bap, R&B, and 90s hip hop styles! With the tagline "We go hard", the song depicts their determination to face challenges without giving up and to trust their own beliefs.

Let us know if you are digging this new style and music from SHINee! Should we give out this album for next month's giveaway? Let us know in the comments below!


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