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SHINee's Onew Will Release New Album in March!

Shawols (Shinee Fandom) and MVPs (Onew Fandom) stand up! SHINee's multi-talented singer, songwriter, actor, and host Onew will be returning with a solo album in March 2023! The group announced via a Twitter post as well as on Instagram on February, 20 that Onew will be releasing: ONEW The 1st Album〖Circle〗on March 6 at 6PM KST!

It has been less than a year since the singer/songwriter has released a solo album. On April 11, 2022, Onew released his second EP "Dice". It marked his first solo comeback after his military discharge from the military and promoting it as a solo artist.

Onew has been on a tear lately, working non-stop on his first Japanese studio album "Life Goes On" following with his first solo concert in Japan as well while promoting the album. Onew also contributed to SM Town's winter album "2022 Winter SM Town: SMCU Palace" collaborating with labelmates on "The Cure" and "Where Are You" which was released on December 26, 2022.

On Januargy 26, 2023, Onew announced that he will hold his first Korean concert titled "O-New-Note" at Olympic Hall in Seoul from March 3-5. The last day of the concert will be streamed live to global audiences via Beyond Live.

Let us know if you're excited for this news! What type of music will this new album be? We can't wait to hear Onew's smooth voice!

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