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Sooyoung & Jeon Hye Jin Are The Perfect Mother/Daughter Combination in Heartwarming Finale!

Heartwarming and filled with teary-eyed emotion (in a happy way!), the family comedy-drama Not Others ends in perfect harmony! Girls' Generation's Sooyoung dazzles the screen as a righteous but tough cop and Jeon Hye Jin is hilarious as a single middle-aged mother who is not ready to let go of her youth! We break down the great finale and give you our thoughts!

Stills from "Not Others" (ENA)
Stills from "Not Others" (ENA)


Ending in heartwarming satisfaction, the finale of Not Others gave us the feels and made us call our own mothers! As Kim Jin Hee (Sooyoung) begins to accept her mother's relationship with her estranged father, Park Jin Hong (Ahn Jae Wook Mouse 2021), made her look inward at her own relationships. After getting closer and sleeping with her co-worker, the "oh so good-looking" Eun Jae Won (Park Sung Hoon The Glory 2022), she begins to accept her life as it is and is satisfied with her mother's relationship with Jin Hong.

Sooyoung (left) with Park Sung Hoon in "Not Others" (ENA)
Sooyoung (left) with Park Sung Hoon in "Not Others" (ENA)

Sooyoung demonstrates a cute uniqueness that only she can pull off in this last episode as her character, Jin Hee, goes through a tumultuous range of emotions. From her non-blood-related grandmother passing away to having feelings for her co-worker to accepting her estranged father, these emotions are not simple to express across the screen. But Sooyoung does it amazingly as we also feel her heartbreak and a sense of peace at the end of the episode when she decides to be more independent and sets off to backpack the world for a year!

Mother/daughter time

The on-screen relationship between Jeon Hye Jin and Sooyoung's characters is hilarious and worth the watch in this drama! The friendly banter and jabs at each other's private lives to their relationships with men say everything about protecting each other. Jeon Hye Jin is perfect for the role of a single mother who survives a difficult teenage pregnancy and brings up an outstanding citizen in her daughter. We definitely recommend this drama for those mother/daughter bonding moments! Hopefully, this drama will bring you both together!

Such a cute mother/daughter combo! "Not Others" episode 12 still
Such a cute mother/daughter combo!

Let us know your favorite scenes from this drama! Would you recommend it to your mother? Comment below!


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