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The Girls are Back!

Girls' Generation Forever 1 comeback poster (SM Town)
Girls' Generation Forever 1 comeback poster (SM Town)

Girls' Generation has just made their latest comeback! They released a new song called "Forever 1" on August 5th! "FOREVER 1" is an energetic summer pop song all about loving their fans and being loyal to them no matter what. The song is their first song together in over 5 years and has already gotten over 9.3 million views! This comes out just in time for SM TOWN Live which is coming up! You can check out the single yourself down below!

Despite the video doing so well, netizens have not been impressed with the overall comeback. Fans have complained that while the girls look good, this comeback seems lackluster for a long-awaited comeback. The song is more of a love letter to fans, one similar to Big Bang's goodbye single released earlier this year. Girls Generation's single has the dance number and the pop beat, but it's as flashy or iconic as its earlier releases for sure.

jessica jung bright poster (Simon & Schuster, 2021)
(Simon & Schuster, 2021)

Notably, this is the first comeback since ex-member Jessica released her novel, Bright. Jessica's novel has been released as fiction, but most fans contribute its plot about an idol girl fighting with her group to become a Fashion designer as a way for Jessica to tell her story without legal issues. Perhaps Girls Generation's new single is a response that no matter what drama comes up, the group will move forward as one.

How do you personally feel about the comeback? Do you think it is up to par with their previous releases? Let us know below!


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