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Sparks fly as BoA makes a special appearance on "Marry My Husband"! Netizens respond!

Cultivating one of the highest viewership ratings this winter season, the most recent episode of Marry My Husband has its audience reeling in their seats! Plus, netizens respond to K-pop idol BoA's special guest appearance! Let's dig in!


Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young) and Yoo Ji Hyeok's (Na In Woo) happiness is short-lived as Oh Yu Ra (BoA), Ji Heyok's ex-fiancé returns to Korea! BoA's first appearance in the drama is at the end of episode 11, which we recommend you read up on! Not only does BoA battle Ji Won's character on screen, but off the screen as well. Netizens have attributed the K-pop star's poor acting abilities to the downfall of the current number-one show! Here's what they had to say!

201. "It's more stagnant than I thought"

202. "It felt like watching a bad acting competition yesterday... It was a funny episode because I didn't understand all the characters and it was such a waste of time and ridiculous"

203. "BoA is so out of the blue, but it doesn't look good on her..."

210. Next week's episode, the viewership rating might go down. because the story is getting worse. Oh Yu Ra's character is also out of the blue, and made the story so frustrating to watch like I'm eating sweet potatoes without water! I just can't get past BoA's swollen lips and focus on her acting...

In the past, Song Ha Yoon and Lee Yi Kyung's characters bullied Park Min Young's character too much, but it was okay because there was "cider" to relieve the "pain". In the past Park Min Young and Na In Woo's characters were balanced but suddenly I don't want to watch them because the acting from the main characters feels like swallowing sweet potatoes without anything to wash them down with so I don't understand lol"

The future of the series

Fans are correct with the fact that the series has shifted to give Soo Min and Min Hwan more air time, at least during the past several episodes. Maybe the director wanted to show more about their newlywed life and how it could suddenly implode because Ji Won could make it so or with some sort of plan. We're not exactly sure either, but we hope that the series will return to the beginning when it hooked us all in!

As for BoA, we also hope that her jealous character won't be too cliché as the ex-fiancé who has control issues. It already seems that episode 12 has her exactly playing that sort of role with the constant meetings with Ji Hyeok's grandfather.

Comment below with your thoughts on the series so far! We want to hear from you!



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