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"Congrats...on picking up my trash." OMG Kang Ji Won just said that! ["Marry My Husband" Ep.11]

Things just got a little more satisfying in the latest episode of this winter season's most popular Korean drama Marry My Husband! We break down our revenge fix from the latest episode!


"Congratulations on picking up my trash"

We couldn't have said it better ourselves! Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young) and Yoo Ji Hyeok (Na In Woo) crash Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon) and Park Min Hwan's (Lee Yi Kyung) wedding! The most satisfying scene from episode 11 was definitely when Ji Won confronts Soo Min in her wedding dress and says, "Congratulations on picking up my trash."! (Oh no she didn't!) But how did it get to this? Let's rewind a little bit and explain!

(We just had to add the scene!)

Ji Hyeok gives in to his feelings

Our brave time traveler and white knight Ji Hyeok finally begins to realize that no matter how much he tries to push Ji Won away, his feelings won't let him. After their passionate kiss from the night before (Episode 10) Ji Hyeok still feels that being involved with Ji Won will turn out bad. Ji Won reassures him that it will be better if both of them regret their decision to be together instead of just one person. That's when the two lovebirds decide to date their hearts out!

Meet the family from hell!

Meanwhile, our backstabbing and cheating couple Soo Min and Min Hwan still haven't caught onto each other's scheming ways and have decided to get married! The two already have had a rocky start with Min Hwan's mother by lying to her about Soo Min's education and how her mother "adores" Min Hwan without actually meeting him.

What really sets Min Hwan off the rails is when he finds out that their wedding invitations got sent through the company announcement board and soon the whole office knows of their relationship. That's when things get interesting as clashes between coworkers start to show their true colors!

Wedding day

This brings us back to the beginning of our article at Soo Min and Min Hwan's wedding. We find out that Soo Min has asked another ahjumma (older middle-aged woman) to pretend to be her mother! We don't even know if Soo Min's parents exist or know about this wedding!

After the iconic scene (from the beginning of the article) between Ji Won and Soo Min, Soo Min is shaken with rage and convinces herself that she "won" since she stole Ji Won's "man" and his family. (Haha good luck girl!)

Now, the friends from hell

To add the cherry on top, Soo Min and Ji Won's high school friends show up, rather rudely, and out for revenge. Baek Eun Ho (Lee Gi Kwang) also received an invitation and showed up with the three high school bullies who used to bully Ji Won. They have learned that Soo Min "stole" Min Hwan from Ji Won and gave her a piece of their minds!

Our thoughts

Although this episode was full of fluff (Ji Won and Ji Hyeok date scenes and funny scenes between coworkers) it was still very satisfying to watch! Make sure to check out our most satisfying moments from this series so far here! Comment below your thoughts on this episode and what you're looking forward to seeing next!


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