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STAYC drops their first full album comeback film! Details on their upcoming album + more!

Perfect timing for summer festivals and concerts, High Up Entertainment announced that STAYC will be making a comeback in early July 2024! Their comeback has been highly anticipated since their album "Teenfresh" which was released in August last year! Read on to find out more details!

Photo: StayC - Google Images.
Photo: StayC - Google Images.

It has also been speculated that after their comeback on July 1st this year with a full length album entitled "Metamorphic", the girls will embark on a fan meeting in August this year. Will you be trying to go?

Check out their first album trailer film!

Now I spoke about their comeback in a previous article: You can check it out here:

I mentioned the success that the girls had on their world tour, which I had hoped would bring them more success on an international level.

The girls have also set up their own Instagram accounts where their fans are able to connect and follow the K-girl group. I think this is great, as it makes them feel more approachable and allows fans to feel closer to them which can only bring them more success. For sure, I will be following the girls on this incredible journey!

Stay tuned for details on STAYC's new album, coming soon. Also in the meantime please let us know your favorite member in the comments below!


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