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Super Junior's Lee Dong Hae Transforms Into A Hot, Successful CEO In New Romantic Comedy!

Super Junior is back! Well, sort of. Lee Dong Hae is looking better than ever as he stars in a new romantic comedy, Oh! Young Sim! The K-pop star will be joined by Song Ha Yoon (Oh Young Sim) in this 10-episode K-drama scheduled to premiere on May 15! Let's take a look!

ENA and Genie TV released a teaser and promotional poster of its new drama Oh! Young Sim earlier this week.

ENA is the studio that produced hit shows such as Extraordinary Attorney Woo and Love Is For Suckers! We can't wait to see what this new drama has to offer!

Oh! Young Sim is based loosely on the Korean comic “Yeolnesal Youngsimyi” by Bae Geu Taek (published in 1988 via the comic magazine IQ Jump). The original comic focuses on Young Sim as a 14-year-old teenager and her family and friends. The drama series follows Young Sim as a woman in her 30s.

Lee Dong Hae & seen during "Oh! Young Sim" reading
Lee Dong Hae & Song Ha Yoon seen during "Oh! Young Sim" reading

Oh Young Sim (Song Ha Yoon Intimate Strangers 2018) is a single career woman in her 30s. She has been producing TV variety shows for eight years in hopes of making people laugh. But all of her shows have been canceled due to their lack of popularity. Young Sim gets a chance to produce a love entertainment show and casts popular startup CEO Mark Wang (Lee Dong Hae) as a guest.

In true K-drama fashion, Mark Wang is actually Wang Kyung Tae, Young Sim's childhood friend who had a long-time crush on her but never had a chance to express how he felt. Mark suddenly moved to the United States and lost touch with Young Sim.

20 years later, the two bump into each other and are constantly around each other due to the filming of the show! We can't wait to see what sparks fly as they build romantic feelings toward each other!

Oh! Young Sim is scheduled to premiere on May 15, 2023, and will run every Monday and Tuesday at 10 PM on ENA and Genie TV. Let us know what you think and if are you excited about this new drama!

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