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"The Golden Spoon" Ends In Unexpected Thrilling Fashion!

The webtoon fantasy-inspired drama The Golden Spoon that premiered on MBC TV on September 23 capped off an unexpected thrilling finale on November 12! The fantasy-romance drama featuring Yook Sung Jae from K-pop boy group BtoB shocked viewers with a shocking ending! Here's our take on the surprising ending that has everyone talking!

Yook Seung Jae & Jung Chae Yeon star in "Golden Spoon" (MBC)
Yook Seung Jae & Jung Chae Yeon star in "Golden Spoon" (MBC)

**Spoiler Alert!

The Golden Spoon Ending

The final episode brought much-needed closure but also left the door wide open to the viewer's interpretation. Towards the end of the episode, we see Lee Seung Cheon (Yook Sung Jae) back at Hwang Tae Yong's (Lee Jong Won) house after being released from the murder charges set upon him by Hwang Hyeon Do. The housemaid prepares a poisonous drink disguised as orange juice for him in the middle of packing.

The next scene shows Seo Young Sin entering Tae Yong's room with blood all over the floor and a dead "Tae Yong" as she alerts the rest of the house. Na Ju Hee (Jung Chae Yeon), who has been waiting outside for Seung Cheon rushes into the house and is shocked to find out what happened.

The next scene is set three years in the future where everyone is settling into their new lives and almost forgetting about what happened three years earlier. Seung Cheon's sister has married Jang Mun Ki (Tae Yong's assistant) and Oh Yeo Jin (Yeon Woo) is also married to Park Jang Gun and has a newborn.

Hwang Hyeon Do has also been released from prison after serving his time but is wheeled out in a wheelchair. It seems that he has been fed the same paralytic that killed Seung Cheon by Young Sin who wants to make him suffer. She tells him that Seo Jun Tae was actually his son and we see the shock in Hyeon Do's eyes.

Meanwhile, Ju Hee is given the assignment to interview a gardener who teaches children how to invest in stocks. The search for this gardener brings Ju Hee to the beach where she meets none other than Seung Cheon!

It is revealed in the next scene that before Seung Cheon was able to drink the orange juice given to him by the housemaid, the gardener was at the house at the same time eating his third meal with the golden spoon which made him the new Hwang Tae Yong and therefore passes away. Seung Cheon becomes the gardener and walks out of the house with no memory of anything that happened before.

As Ju Hee meets the new Seung Cheon, she has a vague feeling of knowing him and has a stir of feelings although she doesn't know why.

Our thoughts on the ending

Although there was closure in the last episode, we felt that the identity changes between the characters often made us confused. Many times, we had to pause the episode and really think about who is the "real" character and whose body was "borrowed". It also made us realize how difficult it must have been for the actors to play these multiple roles!

Check out this behind-the-scenes video for episode 16!

Let us know if this ending had you scratching your head or rewinding it to watch it again! Let us know your theory in the comments below! We would love to hear from you!


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