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"The Impossible Heir" raises concerns about the storyline, plot, and characters. Fans are not happy!

Disney+'s new revenge drama The Impossible Heir is making headlines, but not in a good way. Fans are concerned and worried about the writing and the characters in the show and they have let it known in the forums! Let's see what their concerns are about!

What seemed like a glimmer of hope that Disney+ would be able to come out with a drama with amazing scriptwriting and acting performance has caused fans to come out sorely disappointed on the other end. We also had high anticipation for this drama as big names like Lee Jae Wook and Choi Jin Ho are part of the main cast.

Only four episodes in and not only are fans concerned about the storytelling (plot holes, time skips, and lack of character development) but they are also offended by the use of an African non-profit organization as a way to launder illegal money for a Korean congressman. Check out this clip that made fans angry!

Fans took to the forums to display their displeasure with the use of Africa and non-profit organizations in a negative light. Here are some comments about the issue:

Additionally, most of the comments were about the female lead, Na Hye Won (played by Hong Su Zu), personality, and her role in the drama. Many are also questioning the real motives behind her relationship with the second lead Kang In Ha (played by former U-KISS member Lee Jun Young).

For now, it seems that the writers and director have their hands full with the direction and character development in this drama. Additionally, with the use of Africa's non-profit organizations to line their own pockets, the evil villains in this drama might have to worry about more than what's on-screen.

Comment below with your thoughts on The Impossible Heir! Do you agree or disagree with what fans are saying? How about the use of African non-profit organizations in the script? We want to hear from you!


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