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Lee Jae Wook delivers an impact award-winning performance in new revenge drama "The Impossible Heir"

Charismatic, smart, and purposeful, Lee Jae Wook pulls off award-winning acting for his new role in Disney+'s new revenge/thriller The Impossible Heir! We break down three reasons why you should be tuning in!

Reminiscent of Reborn Rich starring Song Joong Ki, Disney+'s new revenge/thriller The Impossible Heir has us dangling in anticipation for the next episode! Premiering on February 28, 2024, the drama already has audiences and netizens buzzing! Let's take a closer look!


Revenge/thriller K-dramas come in handfuls, so how does The Impossible Heir fair compared to its counterparts? With great character development, acting, and story telling! The plot of the story is nothing to be excited about: an impoverished young man in a dire situation that dreams of becoming successful by using his best friend, an illegitimate son of Korea's largest conglomerate, to climb the corporate and social ladder.

It's not the story, per se, that we're gloating about. It's more about how it is told and the characters that make it shine. If you haven't checked out our preview and trailer, click here for more info!

3 reasons Lee Jae Wook killed this role!

1. All work no play attitude

Right from the get-go, Lee Jae Wook's character, Han Tae Oh, is serious and about his business. Desperate to change his life and to get himself, and his mother, out of a dangerous situation, he moves to an elite school where he meets his ticket to the social upper class. It is in high school where Tae Oh meets his rival and friend, Kang In Ha (Lee Jun Young, former member of K-pop group U-KISS). The two hate each other's guts and can't stand each other at first, but soon form a close bond to take down Korea's largest conglomerate, Kango Group.

2. Relationships, relationships, relationships

What makes The Impossible Heir incredibly addicting is the character interactions with one another. The three leads, Han Tae Oh, Kang In Ha, and Na Hye Won (Hong Su Zu Sweet Home 2 2023) have a classic love triangle going on during the first two episodes. What is very curious though is our thoughts on Na Hye Won. She seems to be very cunning and willing to use the two male leads' feelings for her to her advantage. Now, we're not entirely sure whether this will eventually bite her back in the future, but we're enjoying every moment between the push/pull relationship with Kang In Ha!

3. The bad guys always mess with our emotions!

It would be easy if the bad guys were just, bad. But in this case, we can't help but wonder if the CEO of Kango Group, Kang Joong Mo (Choi Jin Ho See You in My 19th Life 2023), Kang In Ha's father has sincere feelings for his illegitimate son. This might a case of father loves illegitimate son over real son (the eldest and most evil of the heirs to Kango Group)!

The Impossible Heir airs every Wednesday with two episodes on Disney+. Let us know your thoughts about this amazing drama so far in the comments below! Who is your favorite character(s)? Share them with us!


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