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The Most Satisfying Revenge Moments of "The Glory" Part 2!

The Glory Part 2 isn't just one of the most anticipated dramas out now, but it is also one of the most searched and talked about! Fans have been giving their own theories about what will happen in the second part of the season, which continued on March 10! Part one of the drama displayed a very simple, but an emotional backdrop, how far school bullies are willing to go. Today, we're going to cover the most satisfying revenge moments of The Glory Part 2!

Moon Dong Eun exacts her revenge in "The Glory" Part 2 (Netflix)
Moon Dong Eun exacts her revenge in "The Glory" Part 2 (Netflix)

**Spoiler Alert!

There were many little victories that Dong Eun faces in part 2 as she makes her arch-nemesis, Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon), squirm in discomfort as she sets trap after trap that Yeon Jin just so happens to always fall for. We pick the most unforgettable moments to take note of!

Dong Eun puts her mom in a mental institution.

In episode 14, Dong Eun finally had enough of her mother's drunken antics when she comes home one night to see her mother on her living floor with her "boyfriend". They're cooking BBQ in the middle of the living room when they start arguing. Needless to say, Dong Eun video-recorded the whole incident, and when they see the psychiatrist the next day, he diagnosed Dong Eun's mother and sends her right away into the facility. That's when this chilling, but oh so fulfilling, the scene has us cheering for our heroine!

"I'm the only one who can do this to you, Mom. Because I'm your only blood."

- Moon Dong Eun, The Glory Episode 14

Kang Hyeon Nam slaps Park Yeon Jin

Kang Hyeon Nam, Dong Eun's accomplice finds out that her abusive husband has been trying to blackmail Yeon Jin's mother about covering up her daughter's murder of Yoon Seo Hee. Yeon Jin's mother devises a plan to kill Hyeon Nam's husband by saying that it was a car accident. Yeon Jin finds out about this and approaches Hyeon Nam and berates her about Hyeon Nam's daughter. Hyeon Nam has enough of Ji Yeon for calling her a murderer and slaps her with a badass comment!

"First, I have something to return to you, ma'am." Then proceeds to keep on slapping Ji Yeon. We love how badass Yeon Nam says, "Don't mess with me or else, I'll return the favor twofold." and walks away!

Dong Eun sends a video of Yeon Jin's murder weapon

In a thrilling twist, Dong Eun sends a video of the bottle of alcohol Yeon Jin used to kill Son Myeong Oh to Yeon Jin. Yeon Jin desperate to figure out the bottle ends up at the scene of the crime and rushes to Jeon Jae Jun's store where it is flooded with cops and a forensic team. Needless to say, Yeon Jin is arrested on the spot and sent to prison.

But how did the murder weapon end up in Dong Eun's hands? In a surprising twist, we find out that Jae Jun's store clerk, Kim Gyeong Ran has been sleeping in the store and found Myeong Oh on the ground after he is beaten over the head with the bottle. He asks her to get his phone, but in a fit of rage, Gyeong Ran hits him over the head with the same bottle, killing him!

Gyeong Ran calls Dong Eun to figure out how to get rid of the murder weapon. Dong Eun tells her that even though she killed Myeong Oh, Yeon Jin has always been the killer and should be sent to prison. That's when she put the bottle back at the murder scene for the cops and Yeon Jin to find.

Joo Yeon Jeong takes revenge on his father's killer

Just when you think this drama is over, it makes sure that every character deserves his/her vengeance! Six months after Dong Eun finishes her revenge, she finds out that Yeon Jeong hasn't been doing well because he's been mulling about taking revenge on a serial killer that killed his father. Dong Eun helps him put the pieces together and gets him transferred to another prison where he can get closer to the killer via a prison doctor.

And with that, this drama closes neatly with all the revenge taken by the main cast! Which revenge moment was most satisfying for you? Let us know!

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Apr 05, 2023

The Glory part 2 is just so surreal ! Kudos to all of the actors and actresses! What an amazing drama!

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