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This Is How The BTS ARMY Was Celebrating Their 9th Birthday!

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

July 9 marks the nine-year anniversary of the formation of ARMY, the fan base for the K-pop boy band BTS.

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The hashtag ‎#HBD_TO_ARMY (Happy Birthday to ARMY) was the lead global trend in celebration of ARMY's ninth birthday according to Korean Times.

BTS collaborated with Google Arts and Culture Galleries to celebrate ARMY's birthday! Visit this link to virtual tour locations in different cities of the world and see messages from Bangtan!

Google surprised BTS ARMY on their 9th Birthday! All you have to do is to search the term "BTS" and click on the purple heart. Purple balloons will appear!

Among the balloons, one would find seven purple balloons that are heart-shaped and have animation hiding inside. When clicked on, the screen has a color splash and reveals a special message with birthday cakes and wishes by the seven band members to their ARMY.


- BTS Jungkook

- BTS Jin

- BTS Jimin


- BTS J-Hope

- BTS Suga

Along with the message, fans got to listen to their favorite idols say, "I purple you."

Whenever one searches for BTS on these platforms, a purple heart will appear. Once selected, the screen will be filled with purple balloons.

The purple color and the phrase "I purple you" was coined by V from BTS back in 2016. Elaborating on it, he said that it means "I will trust and love you for a long time."

Twitter was filled with a lot of thanks and gratitude messages from BTS. ARMY spent a lot of time on Google and they were happy with Google's surprise for them.

Here are some of these tweets :

This purple heart continues until now! Have you tried it? Who was the first person from BTS that appeared to you? How many balloons did you pop? If you haven't tried it, you can try it now!


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